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Rural (Dumpster) Garbage Service

We offer Rural Garbage Service throughout Traverse County. Please call us at 1-320-522-0361 to schedule service.


Tri State Waste is building service routes throughout rural Traverse County.  We offer several equipment options and service plans:


Equipment Options:
  • Steel Dumpsters:  You can either buy or rent a steel dumpster.  Prices fluctuate based on replacement costs.  Steel dumpsters can be expensive to own and maintain.  Steel dumpsters normally come with a two-year warranty.

  • Poly Dumpsters (Most-Popular Choice):  You can rent a poly dumpster on a monthly basis.  Poly dumpsters are inexpensive to rent and maintain.  Poly dumpsters are lighter, cleaner, and never rust!

Service Options:
  • Service Routes and options within City Limits are established in cooperation with the City.  Currently, Wheaton City routes are serviced Mondays and Thursdays.

  • Rural Routes and Options:  Rural routes are subject to change as demand fluctuates.  Currently we offer the following service options:


  • Weekly - We would collect your garbage once every week.

  • Bi-Weekly - We would collect your garbage once every two weeks.

  • Monthly - We would collect your garbage once a month.

  • Quarterly - We would collect your garbage once every three months.

  • On-Call  - We would collect your garbage only when you call for service.

  • Seasonal - You can start and stop your service as needed.  Just call our office to make arrangements.


Billing/Payment Options

We offer several billing and payment options to fit your needs.

  • Monthly - Standard option for those accounts with weekly or biweekly service.

  • Quarterly - For those accounts with monthly or less than monthly service.

  • Seasonally - For those accounts with seasonal service.

  • Pre Pay - You can also pre pay accounts for up to one whole year of estimated service.

  • Cash or Check - You can pay by cash or check.

  • Credit Card - You can also pay with a credit card on our website.

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